VINAGRERÍAS DE HARO is rigorous and demanding with its procedures both internally and in its environs. We act with our values of Responsibility, Honesty and Commitment in the forefront of all our actions, creating positive and mutually beneficial relationships in those areas we consider essential.

The Customer

Proof of our responsibility and commitment comes with our Vinegars, which are made using 100% natural methods allowing the creation of the highest quality products. An association with ever more demanding people seeking the highest standards. Commitment to the environment and no abuse of the raw materials. A society rejecting excess in all forms: no thought in anything except selling and consuming in any way possible without any type of standards in terms of commitment towards things undertaken which involve Mother Nature. Not looking for the best in ourselves.

clientes vinagrerias de haro
el trabajdor vinagrerias de haro

The Worker

Seeking a holistic relationship and responding to the effort. Choosing to work in a quality stable team to ensure all members are committed to the project.

The Capital

We are aiming for sustainable growth that responds in a persistent way, growing in line with the intent of the family. Reinvesting part of the profits to keep improving.

Equipo de Vinagrerías de Haro
proveedores vinagrerias de haro

The Supplier

Building up durable mutually beneficial trusted relationships which are both enriching and sustainable. Requiring them to have the same quality we do and the instructions we follow in our processes, demanding the requirements we establish for each process.

Healthy Products

  • Gluten-free; suitable for celiacs.
  • GM-free (free of genetically-modified organisms).
  • Healthy product, compatible with healthy diets.
saludables vinagrerias de haro