Situated in La Rioja Alta, our vinegar plant features perfectly distributed modern installations. Distinction is made among the various areas required to produce an excellent vinegar, both in terms of quality and ease for all the sections of the company.

  • Production Area: comprising a warehouse which is home to the vats holding the wine awaiting transformation into vinegar. This warehouse is the ingress point for this wine, which tends to arrive in tanks.  The fermenting tanks: tanks developed over time by means of the knowledge of company employees in which optimum fertilisation is achieved by way of heights and volumes. Shoots are used in these fermenting tanks.
  • Ageing Warehouse: comprising 500 French Bordeaux barrels.
Botella de Vindaro Gran reserva 1980
Depósito para fermentación
  • Bottling Area: once the vinegar is ready (clean, impurity-free, glossy in the case of the whites and bright browns in the case of the reds), in this warehouse the various vinegars we produce are bottled, labelled and boxed.
  • Finished Product Area (reception & loading bay): this warehouse is home to the bottled & palletized product awaiting dispatch throughout Spain, as well as to numerous countries around the world, including the USA, Canada, Venezuela and Cuba, among others. This bay also receives all the raw materials needed for bottling.

Spaces with unbeatable storage and bottling conditions enabling us to bring an absolutely top-quality vinegar to the market.