Vindaro 10-year balsamic Rioja wine vinegar 100 ml.

This is the very first Balsamic Vinegar made in Rioja. Made using our traditional method and aged in French oak for 10 years: conditions which make this a truly singular vinegar.
Its spray lid is designed to measure out and improve its culinary function, boosting its natural intense aroma, as well as the particularity of its balsamic nature.
It comes in an attractive 100 millilitre ‘spray’ format.

This is a pure, high quality vinegar that is uniquely zestful.

In tastings, it proved clean-cut, with clear integration in the three stages of sampling, which shows how slow and natural the creation and ageing processes are.
Vindaro is an original, different vinegar which will be much admired among chefs and those who enjoy genuine flavours.


  • Acetic level: 6º
  • White glass bottle (Bottle type: ‘Dorica’).
  • Self-adhering label, complete with all legally required details.
  • Stopper with stainless steel valve (spray).
  • Cardboard box.
  • Units/box: 12 bottles x 100 ml.


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